Our Story

On a summer’s night back in 2006, George said to Susie,

“I can’t drink mediocre tea anymore. Let’s open our own loose-leaf tea shop where we can guarantee the quality.”

“I know just the place,” Susie said with a smile.

But there’s more. Let’s look at the four things that make All Things Tea a cup above the rest.

As much as you can eat
healthy, it's also
important to remember
to drink healthy too.
Tea is very healing.

- Kristin Chenoweth



All Things Tea knows that businesses and residents both benefit from a thriving community.

Belmont Local Food Market
Founded by Susie and George in 2015, the Belmont Local Food Market is a fresh, seasonal, outdoor non-profit produce market that brings (more!) great food to Belmont Village. Local farmers are paid a fair wage. Local businesses sell wares and keep profits. End-of- season profit is donated back to local causes. A win-win for all. Visit in June when the strawberries are ripe!

KW Food Swap
In 2015, Susie founded KW Food Swap, a food-sharing initiative that was designed to bring together at-home chefs, restaurateurs, chefs, farmers, and others to share food and friendship.

All Things Tea cares about building community.


All Things Tea values local business partnerships; they help keep a community unique and thriving.

Upon visiting All Things Tea you might find:

  • Local, unpasteurized honey from beekeepers Tom and Julia at Bee Quest Honey (in fact,
    All Things Tea was their very first retailer!)
  • Bean-to-bar chocolate from local chocolate-makers, Ambrosia Pastry Co.
  • Local, handmade greeting cards
  • Locally, ethically-roasted coffee beans from Contrabean
  • Locally handcrafted pottery mugs
  • Handcrafted soaps infused with All Things Tea’s tea

All Things Tea also proudly supplies top-quality loose leaf tea to several restaurants and cafés, including (but not limited to):


Over the last twelve years, All Things Tea has given to innumerable charities. Far too many list, but here’s a taste:


All Things Tea is innovative and creative, always taking tea to new levels. Innovation just might be their secret sauce, er, tea.

  • Tea experts that can customize new tea blends just for your special event
  • In-house created tea recipes that have a serious following
  • New tea gift ideas

Always check back to see what new products and services All Things Tea has on the go – they are ever-evolving!

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